Sennheiser's Improved Satisfaction & Efficiency through Returns & Address Validation

Andrej Janev
Jan 11, 2024
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Customer satisfaction and operational efficiency are paramount to E-commerce success. A study of over 800 US adults revealed that 12% would cease purchasing from an E-commerce site after a negative return experience. During another checkout testing session by Baymard, 9% of over 150 orders had typos or misspellings in the shipping address. The more orders, the more critical address errors.

Ineffective return procedures and shipping address typos cause significant business losses. Customers become frustrated with complicated processes and delayed shipping while you have to deal with increased costs to win back customers and handle misdeliveries.

To address these challenges, Sennheiser, a leading brand in consumer electronics, has partnered with Rich Returns and Address Validator.

Rich Returns provides a user-friendly, self-service interface that allows customers to initiate returns or exchanges directly through an E-commerce site.

Address Validator is a crucial tool for any E-commerce business looking to improve delivery accuracy, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer satisfaction through reliable address verification.

This case study highlights Sennheiser’s journey to enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by adding Rich Returns and Address Validator to their tech stack.

Operational Challenges at Sennheiser

Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is a renowned German audio brand specializing in high-quality headphones, microphones, and sound systems for both professional and consumer markets. It is celebrated for its innovative audio technology and commitment to sound excellence.

With the Sennheiser Consumer division having recently been acquired by Sonova, the company behind the Sennheiser consumer business, Sonova Consumer Hearing, continues to thrive on the same fervent energy in audio excellence.

The online return portal Sennheiser implemented at that time was cumbersome. It was run and managed by a third-party system, so Sennheiser had little control over the flow and the UI/UX. Moreover, because the return portal wasn't integrated into the original website, it failed to meet the rising expectations of a global clientele.

Additionally, the accuracy of delivery addresses emerged as a critical challenge, particularly as Sennheiser expanded into new markets such as the UK, Switzerland, and Australia. With each country or region boasting its dedicated Sennheiser website, an affordable yet efficient tool to verify shipping addresses became important.

They chose Rich Returns and Address Validator as the solutions to address their operational challenges and enhance customer satisfaction.

Why Rich Returns?

The need for a robust and integrated return management system drove the decision to implement Rich Returns. After transitioning to an in-house managed checkout system, Sennheiser was looking for a returns management solution that could seamlessly complement their setup. They easily discovered Rich Returns, as it is one of the top solutions on the Shopify App Store, boasting an average rating of 5.0.

Offering the perfect blend of functionality and integration capability, Rich Returns became an ideal choice for Sennheiser’s EU store initially, followed by expansion into other regions like the UK, Switzerland, and Australia. 

Rich Returns provides a straightforward setup process, enabling businesses to quickly integrate the returns management system into their existing online storefront.

connect rich returns with websites in brand settings
Connecting Rich Returns with any E-commerce website is a piece of cake.

Customizing the return portal to reflect your brand identity and maintain consistency is vital for a cohesive customer experience. Picking your brand's colors, adding your logos, styling the return portal to your liking, etc., can all be done with Rich Returns. This consistency ensures that even during returns, a process often viewed negatively, your brand presents a seamless and positive image that aligns with the rest of the customer journey.

Style your return portal in Rich Returns.
Style your return portal in Rich Returns.

Why Address Validator?

Like Rich Returns, Address Validator has partnered with a myriad of giant E-commerce companies, including Universal Music Group and BOXRAW. With affordable and transparent pricing, it is the top-of-mind choice for E-commerce businesses when it comes to tackling the common issue of incorrect shipping addresses.

Sennheiser was determined to erase shipping address errors, which led to significant logistical challenges and customer dissatisfaction, so they chose Address Validator.

address validator in sennheiser live site
When shoppers enter inaccurate addresses at checkout, the Address Validator app automatically suggests corrections and allows them to either accept these changes or update the addresses manually.

This verification is critical for smoothing out subsequent processes such as logistics, delivery, and post-purchase services, ensuring a seamless customer experience from start to finish.

Measurable Benefits Thanks To These Integrations

The integration of both Rich Returns and Address Validator has brought several measurable benefits for Sennheiser. The plug-and-play nature of both applications facilitated easy setup and integration, allowing Sennheiser to deploy these solutions rapidly across its operations. This ease of use, coupled with the ability to integrate with existing enterprise resource planning systems and manage returns efficiently, has made these tools invaluable to Sennheiser’s E-commerce strategy.

In 2023, Rich Returns managed approximately 5,800 returns across Germany and the EU for Sennheiser. The self-serve nature of the Rich Returns portal aligns with modern consumer preferences for efficiency and convenience. By allowing customers to initiate returns independently, Sennheiser enhances the overall customer experience, leading to high satisfaction levels.

Address Validator has also significantly improved Sennheiser's operations. Within a month, the app helped Sennheiser correct and update the shipping addresses of over 70% of orders. This is a huge risk reduction for shipping errors, which could have caused failed or delayed deliveries. Without Address Validator, incomplete addresses, like those missing an apartment number, would require Sennheiser’s employees to contact the buyer for verification before shipping, causing delays and consuming resources.

It's Time To Upgrade Your E-commerce Experience

By improving the returns process and ensuring accurate shipping addresses, Sennheiser has enhanced operational efficiency and elevated the customer experience. This success story is an inspiring case study for businesses looking to enhance their operational efficiency and customer engagement in the digital age.

Streamline your operations, perfect your shipping processes, and dramatically boost customer satisfaction. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your business by installing Rich Returns and Address Validator today. Your first 14 days in Rich Returns and first 100 orders in Address Validator are on us!

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May 10, 2024
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