Best Shopify Returns App To Use in 2023

Richard Ball
Jan 11, 2024
5 min read

As your Shopify business grows, it becomes harder to manage returns manually, so looking for the best Shopify returns app becomes a must for a busy entrepreneur like you.We analyzed 10 of the best return apps for Shopify, and our recommendation as the best return app for Shopify is Rich Returns.The main reasons we chose this Shopify returns app as the best option include the following:

  • Offers customers a self-service custom branded Shopify returns portal to save merchants time
  • Automates return shipping labels to make the entire process smooth
  • Set up automated rules to accommodate your Shopify return policy and exchange terms
  • Multi-language support for international Shopify merchants
  • Easily integrates with other e-commerce systems including ERP, IMS, CRM, and 3PL

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What is a Shopify Return App?

A returns management app is a solution that helps you simplify and automate return requests for better customer experiences and revenue retention. Shopify return apps allow you to automate the return process based on advanced rules and policies, drastically reducing the number of situations that require manual approval.A return app helps you create and embed a self-service Shopify return portal onto your website where customers can quickly complete a return request or choose from flexible exchange options without assistance or involvement from your customer support team.A Shopify returns app is a great addition to any growing store and comes with multiple benefits for merchants and customers.

Benefits of Using a Shopify Returns App

The way you manage returns has a high impact on the post-purchase customer experience and brand loyalty.Returns are buyers’ least favorite part of online shopping.However, research shows that 77% of customers expect an easy return process, and 55% say they stopped buying from an online retailer solely because of the inflexible return policy.Shopify stores’ return rates are four times higher than in brick-and-mortar stores.While you can’t prevent certain returns, setting up an effective return management app can keep your ROI high.Here are some of the main reasons you should consider using a return management app:

Reason 1: Automated returns management helps you scale your business

Manually processing all returns burdens customer support agents. It’s inefficient and error-prone, negatively impacting customer satisfaction and your bottom line.While Shopify doesn’t offer a native solution, you can minimize manual work by installing an app that allows you to:

  • Automate and scale return management;
  • Generate return labels automatically;
  • Enable hassle-free returns through the self-service portal;
  • Send automated updates for the returned product;
  • Focus on high-priority requests that you couldn’t automate.
Benefits of using a returns management apps

Reason 2: The self-service return portal helps you drive better customer experiences

Complicated return forms, long waiting times for processing requests, and sending return shipping labels cause dissatisfaction and affect your brand image.A return app helps you transform these tedious requests into a great customer experience, making people more likely to buy from your online shop again.The self-service portal you customize within the return app helps speed up the process and create more convenient alternatives for both sides, like exchanges, gift cards, or store credit. Once they choose their preferred method, you keep them updated via automated notifications.

Reason 3: Shopify returns apps integrate with your other software

Besides the seamless integration with your Shopify store, the best returns app for Shopify is the one that integrates with other Shopify apps and eCommerce solutions you’re already using, including shipping, email, helpdesk, or CRM platforms.The integration with your email marketing platform enables you to set automated emails that keep the customers updated during the entire process. Integrating your Shopify returns management software with the customer support platform makes it easier for you to prioritize and handle refund requests that you couldn’t automate.

Best Shopify Returns App

You’ll find over 500 solutions in the Shopify App Store.We’ve reviewed 10 of the best Shopify return apps and analyzed each based on the app’s top features, pros & cons reflected by customer reviews, and the pricing displayed on Shopify App Store.

Top 10 Shopify Returns Management Apps

Top Pick: Rich Returns

Rich Returns is the best returns app for Shopify.It's a fully-featured Shopify returns app that helps stores of all sizes automate returns, exchanges, and refunds through a customer-friendly and custom-branded portal.The return app allows merchants to build better post-purchase experiences, auto-generate return shipping labels, and communicate with customers throughout the process.The app is built exclusively for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants and leverages Shopify’s native APIs for a smooth experience for online shoppers.Merchants can choose which Shopify returns will be auto-approved and which need manual approval from their teams.The customization options allow stores to adapt the self-serve return portal to the brand’s image and tone of voice. The return app helps Shopify shops drive more exchanges and retain more revenue with one-click exchanges.The automated experience allows shoppers to manage returns and get prepaid return labels without input from the shop’s team. Customers receive automated customized emails at all steps of the return process.Key features:

  • Automated return process in a self-service portal that is fully customizable
  • 1-click exchanges for other items instead of product returns to keep customers close, and the store’s profit high
  • Auto-generated return shipping labels & QR codes for a smoother and quicker process
  • Integrates with 85+ Global Carriers
  • Multi-Language support
  • Free trial available for 14 days

Pricing: starting at $19/month

Other Shopify Return Apps

You can check out other solutions, including Aftership, Returnly Shopify app, and Return Rabbit.

Get Started with Shopify Returns

Now that you know some of the best Shopify return apps, you can start to offer automated returns for your store.Check out more info on Shopify returns on our YouTube Channel.

Richard Ball
April 16, 2024
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